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O U R   S E R V I C E S

01        Ryan Homes Consultation 

The first thing we do is meet with each of our potential clients. This meeting takes places at the Ryan Homes office, and this is where you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have. We will then take you through the Ryan Homes custom home experience. The agenda for this meeting is: 1) explaining what your experience will be with Ryan Homes, 2) go over your homesite or homesite criteria, 3) discuss your design options for your dream home, and lastly, 4) have a preliminary discussion about budget and contract options. At this meeting, we really want to get to know you, have you get to know us and determine how we can best give you your dream home. 

02       Building Site Analysis

Before you choose a home site or begin construction on a homesite, you must have a proper lot analysis. At Ryan Homes, we will go out to your property and walk through the homesite with you. It is at this time that we consider important factors on building your dream home on your lot, such things as: land clearing, topography, orientation to the sun, etc. We will also discuss things important to the homeowner: What are the property taxes?, What school district is this homesite in?, etc. There are also other important things to consider that we can help you to determine with our knowledge as a homebuilder, such questions as: Are there architectural restrictions?, etc. The lot analysis is important to each homeowner because it allows us to help the homeowner get a realistic picture of what building on this lot means: cost, building timeline, problems that may arise, etc. 

03        Detailed Specifications

Together, we can help the homeowner make decisions about specific products and design elements that they want to be a part of their dream home. At Ryan Homes, we help our clients make informed decisions about every element of their home, going over different design options and explaining product differences so our homeowners can make the best possible decision. It is part of the Ryan Homes experience to provide each of our homeowners with a detailed set of specifications that allows us to predict the cost of the home before that homeowner spends money on architectural plans. This is a major advantage to those wanting to build their dream home but with a specific budget. 

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